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Infoplane (formerly Infos) remembers everything, so you don't have to. From your partner's social security number to the seasonal settings for your heating, Infoplane stores all the little pieces of information you have been struggling to organize.

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There are a lot of small infos that do not really "fit" anywhere: your kids health insurance policy numbers, the license key for your favorite Mac app, you name it. Infoplane was created to let you store these information pieces in a fast and intuitive way while intentionally providing only minimal ways (tags, stacks, categories) to organize them - keeping things really simple.

SearchQuick Infos Search

Infoplane' super simple user interface is optimized for efficient access to information: the search bar is always on top allowing you to quickly search for text and tags (using a keyboard shortcut on your iPad) -- optionally narrowed down via the categories filter. In addition, Infoplane uses Core Spotlight to index information making it possible to find infos also via Spotlight and Siri.

SmartSmart & Siri-enabled

Every time you look up an info we let Siri know (of course only if you allow it and Siri is enabled). Over time this will allow Siri to suggest some infos proactively based on the time of day, your current location, or other usage patterns. Additionally we support Siri for adding and finding infos as well as Siri Shortcuts allowing you to easily automate your information-based workflows.

SmartGlobal Hotkey on Mac

If you do your work mostly on a Mac chances will be that you capture most of your infos also on this Mac. Simply because many infos will come up while at work, or maybe also when you go through your open tasks or issues. In order to make this as convenient as possible, we provide a configurable global hotkey as an additional way to quickly create new infos on the Mac.

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Privately Synced Across Your Devices

iCloud Syncing

Infoplane uses Apple's secure iCloud to sync your infos across all your devices. This ensures a high level of privacy and there is no need for a separate account. Simply switch on "iCloud" in the General preferences view of the app on each device you want to have synced. Infoplane is initially available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad - a Mac version is currently under development.

You can manage up to 10 infos for free -- unlock unlimited infos with your choice of a monthly or yearly subscription, or a one-time purchase. The free version is not limited in terms of functionality. You have always access to the full feature set.

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